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  logomachy--1. A dispute about words. 2. A dispute carried on in words only; a battle of words.
logomachon--1. One who argues about words. 2. A word warrior.



Natural Bedfellows

Natural Bedfellows

I don't watch much TV these days--we don't even subscribe to cable--but I have a small set at the end of the tool bench. Tonight, as I was seeing whether (A FEW MINUTES) X (DUCT TAPE) = (1 YEAR) of extra life for my fencing equipment bag, I got my semiannual dose of the liberals' fantasy island, The West Wing. If you haven't kept up, the staffers still talk in the rapid monotone bursts that actors use to indicate that oblique and cryptic dialogue shows the characters' penetrating intellect.

Tonight, Josh tried to enlist the retiring William O. Douglas-like, ultraliberal chief justice into his scheme to get an ultra-liberal, female replacement through the Senate: in exchange for a no-fuss confirmation, the President will let the Republicans pick the replacement for a retired conservative associate justice. The old liberal judge cackles that what they'll get will be an anti-choice, anti-miscegenation, gay-bashing, medieval, keep-'m-bare-foot-and-pregnant toady to the FBI and Big Oil. Or words to that effect. My memory overflowed before the venomous old coot ran out of breath or invective.

My first reaction was to laugh at such a ludicrous stereotype of liberal judgmentalism. Then I realized that the producers know their audience. Liberals wouldn't feel even the slightest bit embarrassed by the mean-spirited tirade. That's what they really believe in the fantasy bubble that most Democrats and other liberals float around in.

Democrats speak in one breath of conservatives, Republicans, Nazis, KKK, Timothy McVey, Papa Doc Duvalier, Idi Amin, and Genghis Khan. Their only evidence is their own voices. But there is evidence of whom the Democrats are in bed with, such as these pictures from the anti-war rally in San Francisco on 20 March. Kennedy, Dodd, Bonior, John F. "Band of Mongols" Kerry, et al. would be right at home with these people. The only difference is that the professional politicians wear suits.

The blame-America-first sentiment expressed with impeccable logic.
The only difference between him and the suits is that he admits it.
You know how Republicans are always being required to disavow any evil intent or whiff of political incorrectness? If I found myself agreeing with these people about anything (including whether the Earth goes around the Sun), I'd recheck my sources.
As if to show that the Democrats' position on Iraqi Freedom doesn't intersect with these loonies' by coincidence, look at the bottom of this paranoiac's sign. Isn't that the mantra that was tatooed into every Democrat's tongue during the 2000 campaign: "...and we're going to fight to save Education, So' S'curity, and th' Environment . . ."?


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