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We are at war with Islam

Michelle Malkin goes ballistic over lefty misrepresentations of her position on internment of Japanese in 1942 and Muslims in America today. The links will keep me reading all morning.

She builds her post around attacks on Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes and left-wing charges that that he “has fond visions of rounding up Muslim Americans and putting them in concentration camps”. Pipes actually just advocates treating the US Muslim community are a threat and a critical intelligence target in WWIV.

I agree with Pipes and Malkin that the Japanese internment was appropriate and that the US Muslim community’s Islamic identity overrides loyalty to America. Here is an example.

In 2004, The Chicago Tribune published a 12-part series, "Struggle for the Soul of Islam." On 4 January 2004, NPR's Tony Cox interviewed the Tribune’s managing editor Jim O'Shea and staff writer Noreen Ahmed-Ullah about the series. They made a number of interesting points about Islamic “moderates”:
  • King Hussein of Jordan told a CIA contact that calling the NGO mujihadin “murderers” or “terrorists” could backfire because “there is a little bit of me in them and a little bit of them in me”. This from the man whose father killed thousands of “Palestinians” and drove the rest (more than a million) out of his country.
  • There are radical Muslims in the US who strongly support the jihadists. They are a minority but dominate the community.
  • ”Moderate” Muslims in the United States decline to speak out, not only because of fear of violent reprisals from radicals, but because they would be ostracized by the Islamic community .
  • When NPR’s Cox asked what to do about the way the Bush administration’s policies were driving moderates toward radical positions, the reporters confounded the liberal shibboleth by saying that in fact the reverse is happening. Muslims who had a romantic sympathy with the jihad pose are disassociating themselves from the terrorist reality. That is what they call “moving toward the moderate position”.
( NPR News with Tony Cox has links to the broadcast and to the Tribune’s “Struggle for the Soul of Islam” series.)

This is why we have to understand that we are at war with Islam—World War IV. Islam, in America and throughout the world, is a pond in which NGO mujihadin can swim in comfortable obscurity. Its political, social, and economic pathologies—not to mention its explicit scriptures--breed mujihadin, and its crowds cheer their atrocities. It is absurd to send troops to the other side of the world in a forward defense of the United States, and refuse to look for enemy soldiers within enemy populations right at home.



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