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MSM is freedom's enemy

An Aussie TV station recently got caught trying to make an interview in East Timor—and the general situation—look more dangerous that it is, and in the process demonstrated how the Western media have become the enemy of the West.

Jessica Rowe of Channel 9’s morning Today show was interviewing the General commanding the Australian peacekeepers there.
“I'm wondering how you feel about your safety given that you've got armed guards there standing behind you, armed soldiers," Rowe says.
"Jessica, I feel quite safe, yes," Brigadier Slater says. "But not because I've got these armed soldiers behind me that were put there by your stage manager here to make it look good."
Not a problem, right? We just edit that out of the broadcast and no one will ever know.

Unless you are an Aussie TV station and your bitter rival gets the clip and releases it to your fellow ravening jackals of the media.

A h/t to the Belmont Club, where Wretchard notes that counter-insurgency theory downplays direct action against insurgents, because you can’t identify them. Instead, you attack them indirectly by snuffing out their local support system. Conversely, the insurgents can’t defeat Western military, so they too must act indirectly. The Channel 9 incident “suggests that since the media is part of the battlefield, the coverage of the media must be a vital part of” any theory of counter-insurgency.



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