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Bloody-minded Democrats

Just in case you thought that you were living in the same moral universe as the Democrats--you know, like that nice lady on TV, Maud somebody, wrong-headed but at least you didn't have to call the children into the house when she was out in her yard--here's the latest poster offered on PleaseVote.com.

Little Green Footballs traces the source through an anti-Sharon cartoon to Goya's Saturn Devouring One of His Children. The Democrats were outraged when a Bush campaign ad about Kerry included clips from an anti-Bush ad that likened Bush to the Nazis, but I haven't heard any outrage or rejection of this.

Just think what these people would be like if they had power. Actually, we know: Vietnam, Cambodia, Mogadishu, Rwanda, Sandanista Nicaragua, FMLF, Bosnia and Kosovo, Ruby Ridge, and Waco; not to mention Elian Gozalez. "With an Iron Fist, We Will Lead Humanity to Happiness", is their motto, just as it was the motto of the Soviet gulag. All they could talk about during Reagan's memorial week was "Well, don't feel so good. Reagan withdrew the Marines from Lebanon", as though it was a mistake they had decried at the time and had learned from. That was also the week of the Grenada invasion (22 Oct 1983), which was the first of Reagan's moves against the USSR. It was the first time the Free World had taken back territory that had been absorbed into the Soviet bloc. They didn't want to talk about that.

In the Greek myth, there was a prophecy that Saturn would be killed by his children, so he devoured each as he was born. (His wife hid Zeus from him, and the prophecy was fulfilled after a ten-year war.) The Democrats--like al-Qa'ida--are terrified of the consequences to them of Bush's succeeding in Iraq, so--also like al-Qa'ida--they will are willing to do anything to cause him to fail, even if it means sacrificing the Iraqi people and the US' and other soldiers. That is what they are up to, so they picture Bush doing it. (3 July 04)

My brother points out the obvious. The poster gets it exactly backwards. Bush is the one trying to keep children from being ripped apart, while Kerry has never wavered in his oppositon to any restriction on abortions.

At least Dick Cheney gets it.


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