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Dems make me gag

Dems make me gag

Teresa on the little levers of power

"With John Kerry as President, global climate change and other threats to the health of our planet will begin to be reversed."--Teresa Heinz Kerry

Although she doesn't say it in so many words, Teresa (who all Democrats admit is really smart) believes there are little levers in the desk in the Oval Office that can "invent the technologies . . . and conservation methods . . . and alternative fuels . . . of the future".

We all knew about the levers that can "create good, competitive, and sustainable jobs", because the Dems have been telling us that GWB is just too mean-spirited, too radical and extreme, and too committed to oil industry profits to use them. But this is new. John "Band of Mongols" Kerry has discovered where the Oval Office climate control levers are (make that Climate Control), right next to the ones that give the president control over future technologies. Unlike a Republican president during 2005-2009, JFKy won't be be limited to the technologies of today.

Clinton on Kerry the "war hero"

I almost gagged when I heard Bill Clinton talk about Bush, Cheney, and himself as men who "chose" not to go to Vietnam.

According to Clinton, John Kerry said "Send me". Actually, Kerry said "Send me to a project that won't go to Nam until I'm off active duty". As it happened, the Swift boats were first assigned to off-shore anti-smuggling patrols, then, soon after Kerry arrived, assigned to much hotter riverine patrols. Four months after he arrived in-country, on the basis of some questionable Purple Hearts, Kerry got himself reassigned to a politically advantageous stateside position as an admiral's aide, at the insistence of his superior officers, who didn't want him in their command.

The Democrats refer to Bush's National Guard service and Cheney's student deferments as "draft-dodging". But Clinton's actual draft dodging--lying and cheating--is "choosing". But it's too late in the day to expect distinctions between what was honorable and dishonorable to register with Clinton or the rest of the party. The people who cheered Bent Willie on Monday are the same people who 35 years ago were declaring that the draft dodgers and people who went to Canada were "the real patriots" and the "fascist Johnson-Nixon regime" was subjecting draftees to involuntary servitude. But they had it wrong. Military service and Vietnam were things you chose.

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