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Does John Kerry believe in the US?

Flip-flop John from Armentières, parlez vous
Flip-flop John from Armentières, parlez vous
Flip-flop John from Armentières,
He ain?t been right in 30 years.
Hinky-dinky, parlez vous.

Ted Cruz at NRO fleshes out how wrong John "Band of Mongols" Kerry has been. He has:
  • Met with the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese, then pushed their "peace proposal" and propaganda
  • Carried Vietnamese Communists' water on POWs and recognition
  • Advocated eliminating the CIA and putting US troop deployments under UN control;
  • Called Reagan a bully for Grenada
  • Supported the Sandinistas, opposed the contras, and in general sniffed at attempts to combat Communism in Latin America
  • Complained about the bombing of Libya--not that it was done, but that it was "not proportional" (shades of "right way" to go to war in Iraq)
  • Supported the KGB's "Nuclear Freeze" movement
  • Opposed missile defense
  • Voted against every weapon system and intelligence appropriation for 20 years
  • Voted against Desert Storm
  • Carried water again for Hanoi, whose pogrom against the montagnards has reduced their population from more than 3 million to less than 700,000 in thirty years. Kerry has blocked a Senate vote on the Vietnam Human Rights Act, which would greatly restrict aid to Hanoi.
  • Opposed ending the Bosnian arms embargo, so the Bosnians could defend themselves against Serb aggression.
In that last point, Kerry repeats his advice to the Senate about Vietnam. He wanted not only to withdraw US troops, but to hamstring any South Vietnamese resistance to conquest by the Hanoi Communists. The only permissible US policy in Vietnam was peace, he said in his high-minded way, and the way to peace was capitulation to the Communists. In other words, Kerry has consistently ended up acting in the interest of America's enemies and advocating passivity and submission to tyrants and thugs.

Kerry did support sending US forces to Bosnia because it was not a war in our national interest. His explanation is revealing:
We are not going to war to protect a vital national security interest. We are not even sending troops for a vital national security interest.

Whether vital national security interests are at stake is the right question to ask, Mr. President, if you are deciding whether or not to send troops to war, it is not the right question to ask when you are being asked to participate in a multilateral, internationally sanctioned effort to help keep a peace which parties have said they want. And we should remember that we are not being asked to do this alone. We are doing this in conjunction with perhaps 30 other countries.
This expresses in positive terms what John Kerry's attitude toward the US is: The United States cannot be trusted to employ its military in its own interest. US military should be used only for show, to send messages, and only under the control of international authority.

John Kerry clearly does not believe in US sovereignty.

It is hard to see that John Kerry even believes in the US.


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