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The Lingonberries of UN assessment coördination

It’s everywhere. Yesterday the clerk at Ekerd’s asked me if I’d like to contribute to tsunami relief (via UNICEF). This morning at Mass there was a special collection for the Catholic Bishops Relief Fund (in addition to the regular annual collection next week). You’ll be glad to know that this huge, world-wide out-pouring of assistance is well in hand by the “UN Relief Council's coordinating leadership subcommittee. . . . Highlights include:
  • Under the leadership aegis of UNSNoRF Undersecretary Ralfke Bjarnerubbel, the executive steering committee has voted on a draft resolution to create coordination protocols between interagency observers.
  • UNKGooBR and UNsNOT task force staff have organized response evaluation schemas for situational aid coordination, and assessed hotel minibar inventories.
And thank God the UN Relief Committee of the Whole has not forgotten to issue “advisory warnings to illegally parked U.S. and Australian aircraft carriers, hospital ships, and helicopters”.

There’s more, lots more in this special interim evaluation by ?mläut ?ïldëqvist, at Iowahawk.

And be sure to catch the preceding post about the latest exiting adventure from the Inspector Rather Files.



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