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Dems: Death to America

Senator Carl Levin: But the only way there's going to be any kind of a chance for a nationhood in Iraq is if the majority there, which are the Shiites and the Kurds together, are willing to make the political compromises that have not been made yet to put together changes in the constitution immediately following these elections in December so that they can bring on board the Sunni Arab majority. That is the only hope that we have.

But if they think that we're there regardless, if they think that we're there as long as they — as long as we're needed, that is such an open-ended statement on our part that it takes pressure off them to make the compromises that are necessary to make those changes in the constitution.

That's what we need to do, put some pressure on them to make the political decisions that are so essential to becoming a nation.FOX News Sunday, Nov. 27, 2005

Well, that's the Democrats all over. Viet Nam, Philippines, el Salvador, Nicaragua, Chile, Cuba, Panama, and now Iraq. They're big for putting the pressure on the anti-totalitarian side to come to terms with forces of oppression and death. But somehow the totalitarians need a gentle touch. Communists, thugs of various stripes, unregenerate Saddamites, and NGO Jihadists (aka Islamofascists)--so long as they are anti-American--need a gentler touch lest they be provoked into committing worse atrocities.

The Democrats are the party of American defeat. They have completely lost any claim to be motivated by patriotism. As James Burnham wrote more then 50 years ago in The Suicide of the West, liberalism is the doctrine that seeks to reconcile us to the dissolution of Western Civilization.


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