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  logomachy--1. A dispute about words. 2. A dispute carried on in words only; a battle of words.
logomachon--1. One who argues about words. 2. A word warrior.



Zarqawi wanted: Dead

I haven’t seen anyone comment on the fact that US special ops troops had Zarqawi’s safe house surrounded before the F-16s were called in. They could have tried to take him alive and so preserve computers and other items of intelligence value. Instead they flattened the house and occupants, and this seems to have been the plan all along; they held off doing it until the collateral damage could be minimized.

Why would they do that? Maybe they’ve figured out—after Gitmo, and Moussaoui, and “secret prison camps”, and Saddam’s trial—that Zarqawi in captivity would be almost as disruptive and more expensive than Zarqawi on the loose.

I’m sure UbL has noticed this.


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