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Kerry's Extreme Makeover on Iraq

Kerry's Extreme Makeover on Iraq

Maybe you have already read some of the quotations at NRO from the RNC's video showing how Kerry went from supporting war to remove Saddam Hussein to being opposed to the war to remove Saddam Hussein.

I'm not going to talk about it. Go see it. It's great. It makes clear that Kerry was a hawk on Iraq until he had to counter Howard Dean's challenge in the primaries. It also makes clear that he didn't just change his mind, he flip-flopped, rope-a-doped, and ducked and rolled.

Kerry now tries to explain that he hasn't flip-flopped, he just thinks the way Bush went about the war was a "mistake". In view of what he says were Bush's mistakes, two clips are particularly delicious:
His 1997 statement that France's and Russia's opposition to removing Saddam had put them "in a box" from which they would have "enormous difficulty following up" on continued violations by Iraq. (To true, John, and you weren't even talking about Oil for Food money being spent on French and Russian weapons.)
And his 1998 declaration that he was "way ahead of the commander-in-chief (Clinton)", his colleagues, and the country, in advocating an invasion if Saddam did not immediately comply. (Until he needed to get way ahead of Howard Dean in the primary.)


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