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War of Words


  logomachy--1. A dispute about words. 2. A dispute carried on in words only; a battle of words.
logomachon--1. One who argues about words. 2. A word warrior.



I'd like to say he is only momentarily deranged . . .

by Kerry's loss, but I think W drove this guy batty long ago.
Anyway, he sent a letter to John Derbyshire at NRO's The Corner:
GLOAT, and watch your pretend Teddy ride up the mound of civilian corpses he thinks of as San Fallujah Hill.
Gloat, and see suicidal economic policies precipitate the worst economic dislocation in 75 years.
Gloat and enjoy the spectacle of a faith that imagines Torquemada to be the Redeemer; prefers burning Joan to the miracle of the loaves.
Gloat and chuckle as you watch a polity riven and divided by demagogue fueled ever more implacable hatreds.
Gloat. Time and reason will bring you low.
Is it just my impression, or do nut cases on the right make extravagant claims of fact (Eisenhower and Earl Warren were knowing agents of the Communist conspiracy) while nuts on the left are exercised by fantastic metaphors? Is it that liberals live in a fantasy land (as opposed to a land haunted by fantasies) or are they just more pretentious?

Anyway,my brother points to the assumption that true Christian Gospel implies liberal social polices and that people who disagree are idolatrous heretics.

And one cannot but chuckle to read of his concern about a "polity riven and divided by demagogue fueled ever more implacable hatreds".


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