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War of Words


  logomachy--1. A dispute about words. 2. A dispute carried on in words only; a battle of words.
logomachon--1. One who argues about words. 2. A word warrior.




How is it, I asked myself, that in all the terabytes burned about GWB in the last year, no one has thought of "Dubya-MD"? It was almost a relief to find that it did occur to a few people. Curiously, almost all the Google hits are in song parodies. Apparently, only liberals with extra high verbal aptitudes were able to tumble onto such an obvious pun. Given the problems liberals have with humor and metaphor, perhaps this should not surprise.
The versifying doesn’t surprise, either, though it does show the advanced levels of intellection Blue Staters expect of themselves. [Ed. Yeah. If it’s too much to read the newspaper, can’t they at least run spell-check?]

This prolific gasbag presumed to speak for the real soldiers, "many of whom really hate this war", which is--wait for it--"a quagmire . . . just like Vietnam". (The "Dubya MD" verse isn't worth repeating.)
. . . We had to face Saddam
We knew it all along
He had bombed and gassed the Kurdish folk, that's wrong!
Bush's strategy's the same
Positions haven't changed
And he can't admit he's blown this Iraq war!
Don’t vote for Bush Again/Won’t be fooled again/The Who

This guy was moved, if not to melody divine, then to rap irrational by "Chomsky, Pilger, Fisk and more", who told him "Oils [sic] the fundamental why/You've been sent out there to die". It goes on for 210 lines and dissolves into an anti-Red State-bourgeoisie rant that makes Michael Moore sound like Cicero. He, too, can't see any difference between GWB and Saddam Hussein.
. . .Osama he Bin Relagated [sic]
Iraq connection intimated
Iraquis [sic ad lib.] blew Dubya T C
Iraquis got Dubya M D
And Dubya wants Iraquis free
Any one is good but take all three
Evidence? can't let you see.
We're bringing them dem-o-cracy
But no elections, no siree
Can't have Iraq run by Shi'ites
Who don't respect our oil rights . . .

You've been lied to
But you don't get it
Buying trash on plastic credit
Patrotism [sic], is all you got
Mindless spineless emotive rot
General Rap

But enough of them. Let's talk our own trash. How about some e-mail signature lines and bumper stickers playing on the “Jesusland” sneer. [Ed. Don’t forget Canada 2.0.] If Jesusland is what our Democrat neighbors hate, we'll rub their noses in it.
First, let’s get the obvious ones out of the way.
Jesusland: Love it or leave it
Jesusland, My Jesusland
Jesusland: Heart- and Soul-land of America
OK. Now what will get in a liberal’s face and make him feel that the public thoroughfare is a hostile environment? How about
Join the Jesusland Crusade Against NGO Jihad [Ed. Islamofascists would burn the multiculti types.]

Jesusland—Faith, Hope, and Dubya-MDs [Ed. Uh, whose side are you on? OK, How about]
Liberties, SUVs, and Dubya-MDs in JESUSLAND

In Jesusland We Can Count Beyond the First Amendment

Jesusland. You Got a Problem with That?

Jesusland--We're here. We're near! Deal with it! [Ed. Just how Christian is attitude?]

WELCOME TO JESUSLAND [Ed. Simple yet infuriating.]

Jesusland: Men are Men. Women are Women. Babies are Born.



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