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More mean-spirited liberal attacks on Swift Vets

More mean-spirited liberal attacks on Swift Vets

The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth continue to stir up the liberal Hive. Yesterday's Auth cartoon in the Phila. Inquirer shows an elephant labeled Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth" smearing black paint around, while W stands above it all.

[Just as an aside, aren't liberals, who are unusually intelligent, educated, and aesthetically refined, not to mention objective, scientific, and rational, embarrassed that one of their premier satirists is so literal and clunky?]

[As another aside, the Auth cartoon is an example of the incomplete predicate. You know, Right to Choose...what? Defended my country...from whom?. The Swift vet is tiptoeing furtively with brush and paint can, but he's not smearing anything. There is nothing representing, say, The Kerry Record (plaster bust on a pedestal) or Noble Veterans' Heroic Service (don't ask). It's Soviet Realism agit-prop without the intellectual content. Definitely one for the Herblock Hall of Fame]

The liberals' low opinion of veterans and narcissistic hysteria at any one who disagrees with them is beautifully revealed and deployed in today's Inquirer. Pat Oliphant (not available on line yet; there seems to be three day lag after publication) shows a bar of Vietnam veterans disparaging Kerry's medals. They are all fat, frowsty, feed-cap wearing hicks with bad grammar. They were to a man, clerk-typists and latrine maintenance techs in 'Nam (but I bet they didn't bug out after 4 months).

Liberals' refusal to address any issue on the basis of fact (that they didn't just make up) and reflexive resort to personal attack is infuriating, but Kerry's and the hive's outraged cries are giving the SBVfT far greater exposure. As the man said, there ain't no such thing as bad publicity.


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